May 10

The secret Law of Attraction
Visualization Formula
by Daniel Travolto
short foreword:
2009 was a year of change for me. The time i realized that there is tremendous
potential & happiness to be gained in seeking a spiritual path. Visualization is the major
key to this. I have had experiences in 2009 that dont compare to almost anything i had
before and it is just the beginning of this potential for anyone who would like to use it.
The formula is this:
1. Relax
2. Breath deeply
3. Concentrate on brain. Feel it and feel it connecting with everything in the universe
4. Imagine things & feelings you really want
5. Transfer this feeling down to your solar plexus area
Be creative when visualizing. Visualize what you feel in your heart you really enjoy.
Then change comes quickly.
To improve relaxation techniques read up on meditation.
Important. You cannot visualize material things. You can only visualize connections to
people which help you get it. This is because the law of a attraction is not a communication
tool with the universe but a communication tool between people.
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