Jun 20

Great thinkers and genius people like Einstein have shown, through their testimony, the importance of visualization and imagination in life. The quantum point of departure is the widening of perceptions. In the CoRT course of De Bono’s Thinking, Broadening Perceptions is the first module, and it is the first for the reason that it is the most important.


Wayne Dyer - The Perception of Things … “When you change the way you look at things, the things that the lepers change

From athletes we know that 75% of performance is visualization, the rest is physical practice.

If you do not put your brain to work and you focus, you better stay at home and do nothing, if not

You want to master the creative process. Concentration and visualization are the keys. And then detachment.

I believe that every person can discover their personal mission if they are serious about this. And that we should not end up in a crisis in life to start asking ourselves: “But what do I want from life, what do I actually want?” We have inside the resources and a reservoir that we can mobilize. Our brain can be rewritten. Perceptions can change and consciousness can be widen. We can do this by transmuting the negative in positive by an energetically correct thinking. But as always, the most difficult thing is actually to decide inside yourself to make this seemingly impossible change in the perspective by which you understand the whole universe, including everything that happens to you. Things can also be very, very easy if you get ready. We are the co-creators of the universe we live in. We humans, we have an extraordinary perspective, we can be lucid co-creators. All we need is to learn how.


The Universe knows better than us, and gives us a better deal than we know, and maybe more than anything, our imagination.

Day I

Monday 24.07; 16-19

Put the seeds of the unique way of your Lives and your mission in which you are The Conscious Creator

We invite you to submit the seeds of 2017 to join a series of 3 Workshops to connect to the Personal Mission for the next few years for a life and a career to represent you.

Discover the incredible power of creative view to attract and experience your deepest dreams and desires

Absolutely everything in our world grows from a planted seed.

Creative viewing is valuable to everyone. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always a creator, and your physical world (effects) is attracted by your conscious or subconscious thoughts (cause). However, people are not aware of what they are creating. Great thinkers and genius like Einstein have shown, through their words and testimony, the importance of visualization and imagination in life. Millions of people have experienced creative imagination with fantastic results for their development by working with the first book dedicated to Creative Visualization (Shakti Gawain). This book, like the others that followed, has been translated and read in over 30 languages.

We can begin to learn to become conscious and conscientious, and to create the desired things rather than leave things to chance or unconscious, to attract what we do not want in life.

Limited Places

Attention, limited places! Sign up (please send Name and Phone) at the event announced at MY Camp.

The course takes place with a minimum of 10 participants.

Moderator: Monica Gheorghiu.

Costs 15 EUR per participant / day.

Location: an open space, over the camp.

What the participants say:

“So meditation was one of the best experiences in my life and I really want to do”

“I, I do not know how, I’ve been nice to myself, and I have written my achievements. And this was great for me, it’s not something I can influence too much, and every time I happen to be happy. That’s how I could figure out what’s important to my soul from what I’ve done, and I know in which direction to turn.Then the part where I talked about the improved parts I really liked, I often blame for them and I wish I did not, makes me feel somewhat incomplete. Now I’m more gentle with them and that’s a productive approach. I have seen something in viewing, but I still do not know how to use what I saw and how to take it. I think when it’s time, I’ll know. It helped me a lot and I liked it. Thank you both and I wish you a good time and a life full of life “

“The creative visualization workshop was a pleasant, challenging and useful experience.

In a friendly atmosphere, I learned through simple and fun ways to think about making my dreams easier. I reconnected with my most important desires, I wrote and told about them, giving them an impulse to materialize. I felt closer to my essence, in which I discovered all the resources to succeed in what I propose.

I left the workshop full of joy, trust and optimism, as well as with new friends

Thanks, Monica, for this wonderful gift! “Gabriela

“It was a great course, I was very happy to be part of it. I liked the exercises we did in the group, when we had to watch the world and when we had to leave our eyes closed, for me that was right, and it made me see the life more different and I had more Trusting other people. I think this course has helped me to regain the positive way of seeing the world and has helped me to realize all the opportunities that exist in the world and that we can follow them, just have to listen to my heart, as you have told me. This course has helped me to lose my feelings with other people, and through the exercises I did, as I said earlier, how big and complex the world is and what we need to do is listen to Heart and what she tells us. In short, it seems to fit me perfectly. Continue the same and a good day I wish you, and you and Gina. And thank you for the beautiful words you told me. They have helped me enormously. “

“Ika, honestly, I liked everything. It was very nice atmosphere. It helped me a lot in terms of the job I want to follow, but I’m sorry that I did not want to fall asleep and that’s why I would like if you can give me more details about the course itself, Because I want to help others and maybe, if you agree, to show me what I should do to be able to do such a course. Thank you so much !”

I met with myself and I saw how much I needed to love. Thank you!

I felt calm, gathered together.


Concern for peer, care, care. Much the. Alina Ion


It was a welcome introspection, especially at the end / beginning of the year. I relaxed, I felt good in the company of those present. I enjoyed the exercises very much.

Natural Communion. Flow. Identity.

When you can, “let go!” (Allow yourself!). You do not know where you can end up if you do not.

A moment for me with me. Objective: to listen to the interior, I will receive more and more days later: Christmas present - Ramona Paduraru

It was an extraordinary experience. I liked the analogy with lightning and the answer to when it’s good to be aggressive


This workshop was inspired by an innovative masterclass I attended in Budapest in 2004, at the end of 1 Year MBA courses, before going to the US at the Exchange - a workshop held by my colleague, Milena Diankova, a Bulgarian woman. Inspired by Chris Dalton’s Business Communications & Career Management course at CEU Business School and wishing to help her colleagues in choosing her career, Milena has performed this workshop on us, that has had some of the most interesting effects on those who have attended. Some of us have discovered the most beautiful desires to pursue the things in life that represent us. The project for children with high abilities, gifted children (www.GiftedEdu.ro; www.leonardoschool.ro, etc) was born in my soul exactly then.

At this moment, the course is in continuous expansion and development. Together with psychologist Gina Chipon, whom I give thanks to, (you can not imagine with pleasure we have created this course together !!) we have developed a complex visualization course that wants to give you a sense of fulfillment and liberation and to lead you to that place where everything is clear, and you can grasp that full picture that affects the soul, where you can take all the inspiration and energy to follow your unique path in life.

That place is a place in the soul where you are yourself, you with yourself . Very inspiring! You will see what is there by gong through the process.

Day I Monday 24.07.2017 hours 16-19

The program of the day

• 16.00 - 17.00 Creating an opening space. Games of opening, empathy. Self-reflective exercises. Games of self-knowledge and revelation of your hidden nature, self-perceptions and self-image

• 17: 00-17: 30 Self-portrait. How do you rewrite your perceptions of your shadow and value your success

• 17: 30-18.30 Vision Development Game for 20 years. Guided by music, deep intimacy with yourself, you will create and imagine what your Life looks like in the future. You will develop a vision for the next five years, fifteen years, and so on. At thirty years you will be different from the sixties, and you will do something other than seventy years. But you can train your brain for many years now :), and planning, take advantage of all the experiences you have accumulated.

• 18: 30-19: 00 Creative Games and Views for anchoring your personal vision.

• Homework: For the vision board, please start preparing (the 2nd meeting) with photos, collages of images and magazines to be very dear to you. From them you will create your vision board. You can also bring a photo album. It’s an excellent idea!

(2 more days, based on request/ 15 EUR/day)

Day II Tuesday 25.07.2017 hours 10-13

The program of the day

A 10.00 - 10.30 Creating an opening space.

O 10:30 - 11:30 Games for finding confidence and getting a sense of security. Retrieving the feeling of group security and total confidence in the life process

O 11.30 - 12.30 Games of appreciation. Choosing the most important moment in life, the perfect day

O 12:30 - 13:00 Creative view

Day III Friday 28.07.2017 hours 10-13
The program of the day
• 10:00 - 10:30 Creating an opening space.
• 10.30 - 11.30 Group games and creative visualization.
• 11.30 Preparation for Vision Board. Discussion.
• 11.30-12.30 Vision Board Game. You will realize a representative image of pictures and things that represent you and will bring you soulfully, imaginatively, visually and physically, to the events and stages of life you want to live.
• 12.30 - 13:00 Games of appreciation, 360 feedback, choice of the most important moment in life, etc.
After these 3 meetings, according to interest, we can potentially have the 4th meeting with a special symbolism at the end of the camp (totally free).
“You will recognize your own way as soon as you step on it, because suddenly you will have all the energy and inspiration you need.” (Jerry Gillies)
“To create the future we should live the divinity we are.” (Michael Teal)